Virtual Love

Publication Date: November 23, 2005

“The Lost Google Novel That Takes a Better Look at Tech Culture Than The Circle”
– Steven Levy in Wired Magazine

Kim Scott, author of Radical Candor, fictionalizes her own experience at Google to show how work and life need not be at war, but can reinforce each other. Virtual Love has been taught at a class called The Coming of Managerial Capitalism at the Harvard Business School, and enjoyed by readers around the world.

Virginia Libert’s New York shrink thought she took the job at Google because he had cured her of all her neuroses; that she finally realized she needed to put some distance (2,955 miles) between herself and Mr. Wrong. But could any job, even a job at pre-IPO Google, save Virginia from her bad romance?

When she meets the sexy rancher supplying Google’s cafes with organic lamb chops, Virginia thinks he might just be the ticket she needs to learn how to slow down and feel calmer in life. Meanwhile, a young employee seems to be going off the rails. How can she reach him, remind him of what really matters? To her surprise, she finds it’s learning how to be a good boss, not dating a new man, that helps Virginia get her personal life in order.

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