The Househusband

Publication Date: April 1, 2004

A humorous look at gender roles and cultural bias in the ever-shifting world of modern parenting. Richard wants to start a family, and he wants to do it as soon as he and his wife Sally graduate from business school. Richard’s mother felt raising children was her life’s purpose. Sally is terrified of what having children will do to her. Surely raising the next generation is as important as making partner at work?  Why isn’t Sally stepping up?

One day in class, Richard is asked if he would consider staying home with his kids – and in that moment he has a vision. Sally’s birth control pills are sailing joyfully into the trash can. If she thought he might stay home, would she agree to get pregnant?  


What started out as a lie becomes the truth, and the sometimes-painful, often humorous ways we justify our decisions as parents to ourselves and society is laid bare in this well-written, timely novel.